1 Introduction to Whispers on Health Podcast

Welcome to the Whispers podcast.
This show will be hosted by Stewart Why
and from time to time others who would like to help.

Please join us and subscribe to the podcast to empower you more and share it with others too

It will feature special guest’s like you as we know you have a story that needs to be told

And will occasionally feature guests when their experience and expertise will bring value to you

The information on health out there is all not as it seams and we would like to give you a different point of view, one that will empower you to better knowledge and therefore better health

On saying that I ask you not to take our word for anything, always do your own research.
Question, question, question everything especially the status quo.

Whatever health issues you have, never give up the search for answers.
When you say to yourself you are defeated then you will be.

Seek and search for help, nature can fix most things if you just give it a chance.

When you come with us on this journey though, we have a few rules

  1. Have fun and be happy for any reason and even no reason at all
  2. No negative or winning speak even though the subject can be that way
  3. Never get caught in any form of die-ting even if you go for the support
  4. Commit to finding and following the truth when you find it
  5. Never give up on seeking the truth and telling others when you find it.

The purpose of this podcast it to bring you a different view on the story on health

to help you understand the truth behind the story

from a lifetime of observation and personal testing to find a better way

The next podcast will be exploring a little understanding before we really get started

See you next time