The Magic Frequency

Using frequency to help us Sounds like a great idea but as the past indicates in our history so many good things are used with evil intent against us.Will this be used to help us or kill us as in 5G exploding the organs of birds when it is switched on.

The eyes of a Reptile

The eyes of a Reptile

The intense pleasure of the  anticipated pain you will feel when he stabs the needle in and the tears of joy of getting the world to follow, toxifying each other willingly. He is such a god to have such power over you, fool!

The world as we know it and time out, to reflect

The world has gone mad and the media is in full mass hysteria and propaganda mode with the latest Covert action against us.  Another new cannon pointing at you to bring you to your knees in fear so you will submit to even more draconian controls.

As always do not take my word for it and I ask you to wipe aside your present bios that will hold you from understanding the truth of what you are seeing fold out before you and therefore not experiencing the new energy as it rolls in.
Do not just follow what you are being told
Think about it and Question everything
Do your own research
What is being said and by who
What will they gain from what they say
Who and what is behind the person saying what they are saying and what is their gain
To find what is the truth you will need to also HEAR from your heart what is said
For if it is full of catastrophe, fear, trouble and panic toward you [as the Lame scream media are doing]
You will know there is an ulterior purpose against you
Trust yourself for you will know the truth when you listen from the heart

When the media has more than 20% coverage on any one subject you know that there is an agenda being fulfilled behind this that will not be good for humanity. I believe it is a drawing down of the curtains to keep you in darkness. These agendas are another step, or leap in this case, to further the power of the few invisible controllers behind the visible leaders of almost every country on this beautiful earth. You may be saying that I am talking conspiracy talk and I say there is no such thing and that is what you have been coerced to believe when the truth is being discredited and you would also be wrong because it cannot be conspiracy because it is actually happening. I ask you, is the main stream media acting in a rational way in response to this so called crisis. Are they playing the game of who is infected? One would think so from the disappointed tweets of how few are dying. Are they keeping the narrative of panic alive with 100% constant coverage of just one subject and is there nothing else going on in the world at the moment, absolutely nothing? Well it would seem so but you know this is just not true as there is always other things going on.

You are being played and the media is at the forefront of it. But why you may well ask?

This so called virus, we will find in due course is a patented product just like zika, aids, Ebola, sars and so many more. This means it is man made and their purpose this time was practiced in event 201. Search this and you will see that even the logo tells us what they are planning. 201 clearly shows the world in the middle covered with the image they have projected as virus while the 2 is the population before and the 1 is the population after. This is a planned mass extinction event to reduce the population by 50%..   Two of us together and one is killed. Just think about this for a minute and if you really are human you will wonder how anyone would be sick enough to kill the person next to them, most probably the one they love most. This truly is sickness of the deepest magnitude.

Now if you are saying there are to many people on the planet already and a few less would probably be a good thing then think about where this seed of thought came to your head. It has been planted for decades from many different places till many are caught up in the programming of it. It is not up to us to kill another, only Gaia can do that if it needs to remove the rotten eggs from its surface. Do you really think the earth cannot feed who is here, it can but not while the invisible controller’s are manipulating the food and its supply this will be the next scare, no food for the many.

Event 201 is only part of the story, it gets worse there was another table top exercise in may 2018 called Clade x and this was the intentional release of the clade x virus that was so big it would shut down the world completely and devastate the population. You can even find the facts of their plan carved in stone if you search for the Georgia Guide stones. This is done on purpose and in plain sight so our inactions to destroy or refute and regect these stones and everything put forward from it is in effect an agreement to their plan, so do not be shocked for it has been before you all of this time and you did not open your eyes, you did not state clearly that you do not consent to any part of their sick plan. They really hold thinking of the most evil sickness.

The CladeX event they planned was not effective so they did it again in oct 2019 with event 201 where they just happened to discuss the outbreak of a so called Corona-virus. Now you know as well as I do there is no such thing as a coincidence and even less so when it is coincidentally the real thing is manifest just a few weeks after their event. This too has not worked although you would think it has by the lame scream media and all the propaganda pumped out if them. Look closely though and you will see it is the same recorded filming from a few places played over and over again with the sinister number count added. Its almost as if they are gloating at how many died each day with their fix to reduce population and this is confirmed by the statements of some, like bill gates for example of the disappointment of how few are actually dying. Yes he is part of the greater family behind all this sick thinking and want great fear in you so you will run to get his vaccination that you will pay for in both money and pain, don’t do it.

Now do not get me wrong I am not saying that this bug cannot be serious. Not at all for I had the precursor to it, one of the Sars variations and it laid me up for several weeks and many more to make a full recovery. No, for some it can be very sever while for most, thankfully it is not much more than a sniffle or perhaps a heavy cold.

The CladeX plan is still in place so do not stop the vigilance on this for this plan will follow and continue any pandemic they create. That is to test everyone for a clear bill of health or that is what they say but they do not give a shit about you or your health, it is really to collect your DNA for the next step. You are to be given at least two vaccinations to follow. The first they will say is to provide a defence against whatever the pandemic they created but in reality it will be more of or a stronger version of the same pandemic so that you will die. Remember their first goal is to reduce the population by at least 50% then again by a further 50% and again and again till there is no more than 5% of todays population left alive. Don’t believe this, then read the stones mentioned above.
We are the expendables in their eyes

But if by chance you survive then a second vaccination will be given to you and this one like all the others will be full of heavy metal and chemical toxins including a micro chip in some form. This one is to affect your DNA to such an extent you will need to be feed their special diet that they already have prepared for all you survivors. It will also affect your mind in conjunction with 5G wifi to force you to comply to every thing they want you to do. If you do not comply then you will starve as there will be no food available outside their program for it will be law by then that you cannot buy seeds or grow any sort of food or even collect water. The latter is already in place in some places and the 5G will be connected to you as an ID of sorts synced to the chip inside you as a passport to live, not to travel. Have you noticed that governments are doing everything they can to transport people back the their home country, why because random people around the world will destabilise the plan for how can they keep track of the unlisted people in far lands.

All this sounds way out there but I have followed the briefing held after all the Bilderberg meetings and this is what they have been telling us will be happening. These people must be stopped before our world is destroyed completely. Starting at the top of the pyramid is the Vatican with the pope at the head then the various cartel’s from other itallian mafia groups to the zyionests but the main and more obvious players are the Rothchilds and their extended family like gates, bezos, zuckerburg. Other families are the morgans, rockerfellas, debears, dupont, bush, sachs, Warburg, lehman, Schiff, stillman, windsors, astor, Ferrero, slim and the other royal families of the world and all the extended families of each are all in it.

Under these are their dependable’s, running the big corporations, the 99% of all big corporations that just happened to be owned and controlled by the above. This includes the main stream media which does not do investigative work for their stories but is controlled by their cia propaganda arm put out under operation mockingbird, it is real. Yes these families control the cia and have filtrated all government’s and their subsidiary agencies all around the world. Remember if you are a dependable you can very easily get out of favour and become expendable so watch out.

These are some of the families behind the state often referred to as the deep state. They are all worshipers of evil and their intentions for you are control and destruction.

And then there are the so called celebs all doing the bidding of this deep evil and promoting what they want just like the main stream media is controlled by them too. Watch their promotional videos and you will see they are full of evil, the devil and sex sometimes even refer to children and the evil ones first preference in their Satanist ceremonies. These celebs and media people may be dependable’s today but they mean nothing to the deep evil and could be expendable at any moment just like all those in the past that have spoken up or were inventors of something for the good of all but the deep evil would not prosper or be able to control it, so the inventor or whistle blower is mysteriously killed and their information confiscated and hidden.

These things are everywhere if you only observe and most obviously seen in the movies, start with the kids cartoons and you will see it all over them, subliminal imagery and messages and in all other movies too.

The human problem though, is to not believe that others could be so evil as to hold power over the whole world and the people. You do not want to believe that such things and ideas as mentioned above are real, you do not want to give up your freedoms but you are paralyzed with the fear they put in your head with their propaganda. Know that it is just propaganda as there was a famous quote from a top cia dependable stating that ‘we know we have succeed in the propaganda when the people believe everything we say, even though none of it is true’ Remember the key to the success of their plan is to get people either through genetic manipulation (breading) or mind control and manipulation of the rest of us through whatever means even trauma to have us disassociate from each other so you will tell on your neighbor for no reason and while they suppress or even kill your neighbor you will look on not thinking you will be next. Perhaps dissociation can have some benefits if you are disassociating from personal pain but their intentions is all about control of you, your family and your neighbors, no one is left out of their grips. It is also important to understand that all those outside the inner circle are considered slaves to the inner circle. Whether in a place of hierarchy (power and control) or just a slave you are just a dependable until you do not follow the inner circles operandum, then no matter who you are or what your status is, you will then be on the expendable list, for removal at some time or another. You only have to look at history to see this is true. From Lincoln and Kennedy to 100’s of inventors who invented things for the good of all, to thousands of others who stood up, to speak up for you and ask for the truth to be told. Their mysterious deaths and disappearance or even stranger accidents like putting 220V across their forehead, shooting themselves self twice in the head to hanging themselves from a door handle, now come on. Its clear they think that you and I are stupid.

Divided we fall so stand together and unite.

Social distancing is also physical separation for the further goal of isolating us from each other. You can go out in twos all others must stay two meters away. The old will die of isolation, more deadly than loneliness. To kill off the old is so important for they are the only ones that remember what freedom actually is for there has been no freedom anywhere for decades only the elusion of it, be ware.

I think this is enough for you to start your own research and discover the real truth. As said earlier you will know when someone is speaking the truth because it comes with the spirit of love even if it is bad news but the lies and evil speak is heavy and full of darkness and does not fit with the human spirit of love. You will know the difference if you can live from the heart and not be conditioned in the head by their lies for your head can make anything to be true. Remember your little ego voice is your very own trickster that can grow into a monster that will control you, justify and re-frame everything to make it what it wants, it truly is the devil in disguise. The pope was right when he said that hell does not exist but the devil does. He should know as his god is lucifer like all the other evil ones I speak of. Don’t believe this then search and see them all doing signs of the devil. What he may not realise along with all the evil and sick ones is that Lucifer is only in their very own heads and this evil is what they are projecting on to you and me. If they succeed then hell will exist right here on earth. Wake up now, stand and quietly reject all their plans.

Yesterday things were going on as we would have considered normal accept for the media madness but today the whole world has come to a stand still. Every country that can has enacted some sort of lock down of its people are doing so. The people are to stay in their homes. What is happening you may well ask? It is the next stage of their covert plans. The fear will be pushed till you give in to their testing, vaccination and chip program as mentioned above. This will be compounded and followed by food shortages for many to further enhance the fear in you.
All of this was planned to happen by the year 2000 but many of the other parts did not come together or work out in the timescale they had hoped. So this part of the plan is somewhat rushed because they know time is running out. Remember they had Cladex in 2018 then corona in 2019 and there has been many attempts in the past to activate this part of the plan from the great Spanish (swine) flue, zeka, aids, ebola, the African swine fever and several versions of sars including swine, bird and batt, cladex and corona, are all man made diseases created to reduce the population. Remember that when you are sick you are an income stream to the rich and powerful. Questioning this yet, this is real all right.

They are probably aware of the danger to them and that their power is ending as they have manipulated the best minds to do their bidding, that 2020 is a significant year. 2020 is the indication of vision or the opening of eyes so they have to bring the people back into darkness or they will lose control completely and this is why it is rushed. To keep you in fear which is darkness. Note also, that this has happened and spread around the world just ahead of all the religious special event starting with the Chinese new year. Follow the flow and you will see. You know there is no such thing as a coincidence.
Keeping you from your special events will back fire as it gives you more time at home to start your own thinking. The very thing they do not want you to do and the longer it goes on the more time we all have to watch, listen and think about the truth of things and the bullshit they are pumping out both on the media and their SM feeds.

Now there is no point in me telling you about all the evil of drugs, dirty money, People trafficking especially of young girls and children for their perverted sex and sacrifice, yes I did say that, sacrifice. Nor is there any point in me telling you about the cartel’s of the world vying for power and control over you, their corrupt money system and corporate control over 99% of all big companies, how their greed is so out of control, they plan for your destruction so they can gain from it. Yes this all sounds way out there and it is, for our simple human thinking but it is true and it is no point me telling you as you will not listen or even believe because you must go on a discovery and learn for yourself.

I just write as they are behaving and I cannot do anything else as I have been tasked to lay out things as they are for you to see, to open your eyes. Also I can tell you that if you do know the full truth you will not be able to sleep properly for some of it is so horrific. So beyond your normal human mind, connected by love, believe me I recommend you search a little, enough to verify the truth and then do what I discuss in the next paragraph. There is no point in us all not sleeping now, is there.

While you are at a stand still and waiting for some sort of outcome or if it has passed somehow, I ask you to reflect on what your life has been about, pay attention to how you felt and how you feel right now. I know it may feel like you have been pushed off a tall cliff and you are just floating in limbo waiting for the crash. Well in a way this is exactly what has happened to everyone. We are all floating in limbo so lets hold hands, visually for now, and create a unified force. Breath deep, let your mind go, as you calm your frequency will rise and this will bring you peace, love and compassion. Just unplug from all the madness out there for a while and with calm, reflect on what you really want. Start perhaps asking aloud for Sovereign freedom for all with the removal of the evil planners and doers trying to remove this from us

Start thinking about what sort of life you want to have when this is passed. It will pass but what is at the end of it will depend on you and all of us, our collective decisions now of what we will consent to, agree with and even support.

I personally will not consent, agree or support anything put forward from their plan as it is evil beyond most human thinking. I will not feed the black hole of doubt and fear nor agree to the controls of psychopaths. I will not spend any more of my money on buying the crap they sell to keep us poor and make them rich.

Remember from history it is the losers that write the songs while the victors writes the history. Does this have to play out one more time.   Is this why bob Dylan has put out the new song “murder most foul” stating send your brothers we will kill them too. Does this mean they are now running scared themselves

In a strange way this time of lock down is a gift. A great gift and a timely gift that no others have had available where everyone is standing still. Think, project and prey your heart preys to manifest a better future for all. Remember we are all in this together and although they have tried to separate everyone, those with the right intention are even more unified in spirit. We may be standing apart but our candles are still shining light on their darkness. Self care has a quantum affect and benefit on all others too, stay calm and stay bright.

Remember inaction is an action of acceptance in someone else’s agenda so take the action for a better life now, don’t ask what others can do for you, ask what you can do for them and make it a better world for all, demand your freedom from the present entrapment and abuse to us all           #WWG1WGA

light, love, great health, harmony and sovereignty for all